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JUL 2002













Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh


Forked roads

Translated by Nguyen Ngoc Bich



Why are you not my lover

and why am I not yours

as we are meeting at a forked road

where you are holding a woman kissing her

another woman.And you are about to leave

here he and I are also holding and kissing

then he disappears at a forked road

taking for granted that nothing can be

decided beforehand, especially something

that is neither beautiful nor can be changed

loves that stand at forked roads

with passionate kisses, quick ones at red lights

and yellow ones.Kisses to knock off green light

paradoxes.For a happiness that cannot be

real.For is there ever a happiness that is

real?No.Not every kissing lip can be

equated with another lip.A kiss in the dark

is an illuminating kiss.And the kissing lips of

bearded men are totally different

from the kissing ones of a man who has

just been shaved.The kissing lips of someone

who likes to smoke cannot possibly carry

the taste of some gum-chewing guy waiting

for his gal at a forked road.Yet they

both said goodbye.All three of us going

our different ways.Just like life with its

multifarious roads.And any road I take I

can only find a-little-of-this-man here and

maybe a little-more-of-him in that other

guy.At forked roads or even crossroads

that split four, five or six ways.And nowhere

is that man, the lover I yearn for,

him.It canít be him who has vanished

at a forked road.With the white clouds.



†††† Translated by Nguyen Ngoc Bich

††††††††††††††† August 5, 2002



the magazine of Literature & Literature-in-translation.

††††† Volume 4, Number 2 July 2002



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