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JUL 2002













                           DIEN NGHI


                                            A P R I L



Getting up at broken news in that cursed April

The enemy was clenching its claws against Saigon

warships deserted, left the port behind

and red rockets kept on roaring over our skies


A young wife awaiting her lover at the alley gate

homless, field boots...littered all round square

early rain poured over our Capital, over our fates

as though Heaven and Earth were mouring for

our nightmares


Our wounded friends were soon expelled

from hospital’s compounds

dragging their disable bodies outside, around

military units dipersed - war came to the end

VC, did you still behave like men? (*)


A young soldier refused to lay down his arm

confronted his foes, under our Colors he died

rather dead than red, he defended our honor

for Vietnam History will be forever starlighted


On foreign land, indelible sorrow, retrospective April

facing one’s shade at nights pondering on right, evil

from two borders South, North, where’s Justice, where’s


who wins? who loses? at the end of the game?



This enterpretation by Y Yen



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