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                  Three poems by THANH THANH








There are paths and persons known to each other

Since the couple began to date one another.

Her hair flowing over his shoulder used to rejoice;

And how sweet did sound the sweetheart’s voice!


Unexpected chats though without themes were bright

And thus continued endlessly night after night.

The gates usually were not shut at that section:

Unchained dogs followed us, barking to no objection.


Covering her sight from the dazzle with a small hand,

There was a school-girl with homework gone bland;

Innermostly stirred in her virginal soul of a gal,

She seemed to dream a moment of some future pal.


Here tonite to this old path familiar since long ago

We are coming back to revive our youth glow.

Husband and wife at dogs barking and running after

Look at one another, convulsed with laughter.


Were our love in those green days let to disappear,

How could we have our easy mind in this nite sphere:

                        We walk on the old path of familiarity permanent

                        And embrace in our four arms the wide firmament...


                     (from “This Land of Promises”)



               THANK YOU, AMERICA


          Thank you, America, for rescuing us from hell,

          Humble humans deprived of all rights to life.

          In our old country our enemies cruelly quell

          Laborers, intellects, revolutionaries, monks alike.     


          Thank you, America, for teaching us systematism

          Thereupon military is only a part of attribution.

          In our late republic existed militarism

          Causing dictatorship to erode the constitution.


          Thank you, America, for the example to settle

          The separation between politics and religion.        

          In our poor nation the priests did meddle

          In worldly powers, and it was mutual demolition.


          Thank you, America, for granting us medium

          To develop our bodies and expand our minds.  

          In our left-behind state there is no freedom

          To work and enjoy, think and express any kinds.


          Thank you, America, for nursing us deep hope

          For a near future we can True Virtue attain

          So that our Motherland emerge on the globe,

          Our People, with your help, Man’s Value regain.



               OWING TO EVE


          Of what is good and of what is bad,

          The human race owes this knowledge to Eve.

          By getting herself and Adam in fig leaves clad,

          She was the first human Wisdom to conceive.


          Alas! after that they were into a dilemma put

          Between conservative hold and radical edification.

          The libertine wanted to reject mythical root

          And the ascetic to stand absurd predestination.


          That is why even Noah’s descendants

          Rebelled against God, building the Babel tower,

          While the self-claimed Creator’s dependants,

          Inquisitors, persecuted people to impose power.


          We, today, have found no waters above the dome

          (But many suns, the Big Bang, the Black Hole)!

          Much older than six thousand years: Man’s home!

          Organ implants, test tube babies: non-God’s role!


          Determined not to use Wisdom to sham,

          Humankind is to improve and perfect human life.

          One should no longer remain as meek as a lamb

            But follow Eve who has ventured that first stride.





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