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A Magical Fiction




Having sat still for 18 hours working by the computer with numerous branches of GDM (Grand Dragon Multiplanetary) he feels his whole body hot as an atomic station. If all of a sudden there was a string of water pouring onto his head now, it would surely be sizzling into steam, evaporating in a nick of time. Intending to stop his daily routine work, Adam leaves the system. Right when standing up he has a feeling that he has unplugged himself from a thousand kilovolt power source. Shocked into a daze he walks with dragging feet to the window. It has turned dark already. Natural wind! It must have been ages since he experienced this difficult-to-describe sort of buoyant feeling when facing puff by puff of natural wind. Ages but how many he knows not. Just simply because his generation hasn’t experienced this kind of feeling. Probably it sprouts from the sub-consciousness. He is on tenterhooks as if SOMETHING is stirring in his bosom. It seems that his consciousness has sunk deep in wave after wave of the unconsciousness. He is sunken in a chaotic and nebulous state like the murky water. Infinite and endless…


... gives birth to One

One... gives birth to Two

Two... gives birth to Three

Three... gives birth to Thousands of...


            What! Is it? It sounds unhuman. It seems voiceless. A micro-wave message from the universe? Or from the bottom of my heart? It seems like the sound of the root / the form of the origin. Vague. Appearing / Disappearing.




            The whole city is flooded in artificial multi-colored light. Fleets of aero taxis are shuttling among sky-rise shelters of all forms: one like a funnel, the other like a pillar against the sky, another – a concrete butterfly… But it is dark around his home. A thought appearing in his brain turns on all the lights in the garden, at once making a magnificent day-light evening.

            A somewhat-stinging sense arouses. Hunger. The kind of feeling everyone nearly forgets. Coming from the sub-consciousness? Having dinner alone he presses the keyboard for a vegetarian diet just because it is the first day of the lunar month. It is so strange that his small mouth swallows so fast as he hasn’t dined this way before. Press after press, one, two, then three rations. Four, five… Adam has a feeling that he is eating all the meals for the sake of many a man. Well, that small twenty-first century belly wants to swallow the whole world. Or is it as big as a world in there? A giant snake-of-desire swallows and swallows as though it cannot fill to full. Hey you – snake! Are you existing for my sake or am I existing for yours?!




            On the super HD screen in his room there appears the latest news. He can hear the magical voice of the Chairwoman General of the United Planets of which the Earth’s United Nations is an active member:

            “…Have you ever by chance thought of your origin? Where do we come from?”. “Where do you come from? You ought to know that in Greek ‘woman’ means ‘from man’”, murmurs Adam.

            “We have conquered thousands of worlds, crossed the universe, controlled the galaxy and discovered the Infinite. We have been flying very fast outwards with hope that we will meet the Truth one day and sit side by side with the Creator. We are eager to investigate, discover and conquer; therefore, we have set up the empire of the United Planets where I am your Chairwoman General. We have become the Lords of the Universe, haven’t we?

            Gentlecitizens! I’ve got a question. Whoever you are - Earthian, Anusian or Russosour, Amerostein, Chinite or Nami. Whatever you are, toughcreatures! Are you a cloned man, an ammoniac cloud being or a multisexual? Or you are black or blue, pale or purple... The question is that if you’ve ever asked yourselves this question: we have set foot into the universe billions of miles, but how far have we stepped into our inner world? Is it so dark? Is it so vague? Or is it so rugged? Have you ever perceived your own existence? Your root? Your future? That is to say if you have discovered and conquered yourselves, the ‘Universe Minor’, in order to understand why you are existing, striving for happiness and being painful… Why do you have to keep sitting by the multimedia for 10 to 18 hours everyday so as to turn your precious bodies into battlefields in flame…

            Adam rarely pays attention to her speeches but now it is so different.

            “Replacing the Creator we have created bodies and organs of all kinds. But dangerously, nobody can make a Soul. That’s the dead end of the Mind of Reason. Who could escape this dead end is mistakenly replacing Reason with Feeling, thus getting ‘ahead’ to another dead end. So now Self Reflection should be the way for perceiving the integrated bond of all beings for the sake of a Heaven - Humanity - Planet Integration. Discover your root and go to your Mother…”




            An hour of upheaval has spread through his mind to the tiniest cells. Gnostic upheaval?

            Adam steps into the bedroom where Eve is sleeping soundly right after the first yawn, bare as the truth, naked as the root time. It is also a fashion of coming to the root after centuries of colorful and multi-layered styles. She has just returned from a vacation in Ha Long Bay. ‘The Ninth Wonder’ has come to ‘the Eighth Wonder’, making the planet more and more mysterious and marvelous. How great the Creator is! Sea, sun and wind have blown away her anger, tiredness, thirst and want. And the artificial fragrance of l’Urinet, Eaux de Colonhue, and etc. as well. This makes her more brilliant and smarter with the beauty of simplicity and the natural smell emitting from her body. The smell that caused his love-at-first-‘sigh’. Eve is now so attractive and beautiful that she would make an old man who has been bed-ridden for years sit up.

            Suddenly Adam senses a strange smell. From Eve’s body? Surely not. How can THIS come from THAT sweet-smelling? THIS grows stronger and stronger. He cannot recognize what it is. He decides to seek for help from B.B. (Bim Bee) - an incredibly multifunctional computer. From the software of Windos (20)97 he gets the answer: the smell of clay. How strange! Why clay? After long and hard trials in discovering her he supposes that there is nothing to do with Eve he doesn’t understand at all but now… As the ancestors’ saying goes, women are always mysterious. Consulting Bollix (20)97 Multimedia Encyclopaedia he looks for the word Eve. The answer: Eve n. (proper name) the first woman of the world. That’s all. He tries all the 39,000 channels but finds no more information.

            Oh my God! The clay-like smell – where is it from?… that emits from his Eve for whom he strives and fights. “I gotta find out the truth ’bout ’er”, shouts loudly Adam in the dark. The first… first… woman… of the world. Right, he’s got to find out the first woman. Hurriedly he rushes to the garage where he keeps his T.T. (Timeless Traveler) - the time machine. Wahoo! If that Valga the Witch knew about this stupid machine she would laugh at it until it is out of power. He gets into it, starts the machine and vanishes into thin ‘air’. A song sung by the kids is heard somewhere in the middle of nowhere…


“ Remember

the time when

the hairs

of the legs

were stubbly...

How now

turned out

to be bushy?

Why still growing

after being

pulled out?

Where’s the root?

Where’s the root...

OUCH !...


An Oriental Guru sat thinking about the root of the universe.
The answer came when he pulled out a leg hair.
Then he sang this philosophical verse.
Everything comes from Nothingness, both are an eternal pair’.**



Hanoi 1997  



* The Vietnamese version of this fiction was published in People Weekly in 1999, The Hanoian and Tien Ve in 2004, The Mekong River and eVan in 2005.


** The ending song was published by the International Library of Poetry - Watermark Press in the anthology “Eternal Portraits” in the US, 2004, & by Noblehouse Publisher in the anthology "Labour of the Heart" in the UK, 2004



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