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Translated by DO VINH



The blind woman selling lottery tickets

on Tu Do Avenue, a one way street, now

has its name changed to Dong Khoi Avenue, also  

a one way street.  I only go into town occasionally,


once in a while, and still see the old blind

woman selling lottery tickets.

The blind woman selling lottery tickets

on u Do – Dong Khoi Avenue, why doesn’t she


sell on another street, or at another juncture                       

of this town that bears the name of

uncle?  What fortune good or bad is she

sel                                                  ling and for who, in this                                                                                                                            

town?  Is there fortune good or bad for

each individual, or for the person                           

who is selling it for an entire

people.  The blind woman selling lottery tickets      


on Tu Do – Dong Khoi Avenue.  She keeps

selling. Her entire life she has been                        

blind. She does not see me. She cannot see                      

anyone. Whereas I have to                                    

keep seeing her standing on the curbside

of Tu Do – Dong Khoi Avenue, her hands holding

out the lottery tickets inviting the men and

women that pass her by... The blind woman


selling lottery tickets on Tu Do -- Dong

Khoi avenue, how many tickets has she sold,

what else has she sold on this one-way

street, that her watery and tainted eyes


twitch with tears running down also            

one-way.  The blind woman                       

selling lottery tickets on Tu Do -- Dong

Khoi Avenue, how many people can                      


she see in this town bearing uncle’s name,

selling lottery tickets like herself;  and how many

blind people like herself, including men, women

old and young, named and unnamed, with status


and nameless selling lottery tickets like herself.

How can she see because she is the blind

woman selling lottery tickets on the curbside of

rue de Catinat, Tu Do – Dong Khoi  Avenue.


                   TRANSLATED BY DO VINH




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