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JUL 2005




















Translated by Do Vinh




Itís not a poem about a princess

very beautiful that everyone knows,

and itís not an article or essay

or a song about a kingís concubine


that so many people are and will continue

to waste much paper and ink on, if i could

just tell a simple little story

about a Diana


my very cute.Pretty, little Diana†††††††††††††

with a belt tight around her waist like a beeís,

who likes to laugh and has a very pleasant

voice, she is taking me up, and


down the stairs very sloped go in go in††††

go out go out go around the spacious levels ††††††

like leading an innocent and obedient

child easy to command easy to


threaten as never before.Listen here... Diana

is teaching and i am

learning how to talk and walk, yes uno

is one, duo is two,††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


tres is three, yes this feige

is a fruit, kiki

is a pink fruit, and kiwi

is the fruit kiwi


it canít be any other way, yes

this color is rosa and that color

is violet, yes and

the color of this flower is the color of love


and the color of this flower is the color

of separation, yes... yes...

i repeat to myself the words that Diana

remorsefully said, when we first


got to know each other and hurriedly part, to-†††††††

morrow you are gone, only i remain at

this house, and i will still have to go up go up

go down go down the stairs that is ever


so long, and i will have to go in go in go out

go out go around the spacious levels empty

and mumbling to myself the new words and

new verses not knowing when and what


verses more touching than the word the

verse Diana, my Diana.


†††††††††† †††††††††TRANSLATED BY DO VINH




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