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Inrasara, pseudonym of Phu Tram, born 1957 in Chakleng, Ninh Thuan and educated at High School Po-Klong (1969), Faculty of of Pelo in Ho Chi Minh City (1977). In 1978 he lelf the university without taking a degree for wandering and writing poetry. He is the author of more than fifteen books of poetry, research, and translation, and winner of several literary awards. Apart from his books, he published more than three hundred pieces of essays, poems, short stories, travelling notes in many journals at home or abroad, including Nha Van, Van Nghe, Van Nghe Tre, Van Nghe Dan Toc, Van Tp. Ho Chi Minh, and Tap chi Tho.

Inrasara is living in Saigon, Vietnam.



- Thap nang (VN: Thanh Nien, 1996)

- Sinh nhat cay xuong rong (VN: Van Hoa Dan Toc, 1997)

- Hanh huong em (VN: Tre, 1999)

- Le tay tran thang Tu (VN: Hoi Nha Van, 2002)

- Inrasara – Tho cho tuoi tho (VN: Kim Dong, 2003)

- The Purification Festival in April (VN: Van Nghe, 2005)

- Chan Dung Cat (VN: Hoi Nha van, 2006)

- Chuyen 40 nam moi ke & 18 bai tho tan hinh tthuc

  (VN: Hoi Nha van, 2006)

- Chua du co don cho sang tao (VN: Van Nghe, 2006)

- Song thoai voi cai moi, tieu luan (VN: Hoi Nha van, 2008)

  Researches on Cham culture:

- Van hoc Cham I – Khai luan (VN: Van hoa Dan toc, 1994)

- Van hoc dan gian Cham – Ca dao, Tuc ngu, Cau do

  (VN: Van hoa Dan toc, 1995; second edition, 2006)

- Van Hoc Cham II – Truong ca, su tam – nghien cuu.

  (VN: Van hoa Dan toc, 1995; 2nd edition: Van Nghe, 2006)

- Tu dien Cham Viet (VN: Khoa hoc Xa hoi, 1995)

- Tu dien Viet Cham (VN: Khoa hoc Xa hoi, 1996)

- Van hoa – xa hoi Cham, nghien cuu & doi thoai, tieu luan.

  (VN: Van hoa Dan toc, 1999; 2nd edition: Van hoc, 2003;

  3rd edition: Van hoc, 2008).

- Tu hoc tieng Cham (VN: Van hoa Dan toc, 2003)

- Tu dien Viet–Cham dung trong nha truong.

  (VN : Giao Duc, 2004).

- Su thi Akayet (VN: Khoa hoc Xa hoi, 2009).

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