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LUAN HOAN, or Tran Gia Nam, pseudonym of Le-Ngoc-Chau, poet and short story writer, born on 01-01-1941 in Hoi An Quang Nam, the son of Mr. Le-Hoan and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Luan, author of 18 collections of poems published under the pseudonym Luan-Hoan. Former officier in the South Vietnam Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, he immigrated from Vietnam after the collaspe of Sotuh Vietnam, settled in Montreal Canada in 1985. His work appeared, since 1960, in many journals and literary magazines, including Tuoi Xanh, Gio Moi, Thoi Nay, Mai, Bach Khoa, Van Hoc, Ngan Khoi, Ky Nguyen Moi, Doi Dien, and Bo Binh (published in Vietnam before 1975); Van , Van Hoc, Nang Moi, Hop Luu, The Ky 21, Nhan Van, Thoi Tap, Khoi Hanh, Pho Van, Chu Đe, Viet Bao, and Hon Que (published abroad after 1975). Luan Hoan is on the writer staff of the magazines: Van hoc Saigon (1964-1975), Nhan Thuc (Hue), Truoc Mat (Quang Ngai), Lang Van (Canada: 1986-1990), Song (Canada: 1986-1991), Que Me (France: 1986-), Song Van (US: 1996-), The Writers Post (US: 1999-), and Wordbridge (US: 2002-). Establishing Tho Publishing House in the 60’s, he published poetry works of Ha Nguyen thach, Phan Nhu Thuc, Dynh Hoang Sa, Thanh Ton, Khac Minh, and some works of his. Luan Hoan's recent collection of poems Song Nui Cung Nguoi Thom Ngat Tho was published by Tho Publisher (Canada: 2002)


Poetry collection

1- Ve Troi (Van Hoc - Saigon, 1964) 
Troi Song (Van Hoc - Saigon, 1966) 
Chet Trong Long Nguoi (Nguong Cua, 1967) 
Vien Đan Cho Nguoi Yeu Dau (tho, 1969 - tai ban, 1995) 
Hoa Binh Oi Hay Đen (tho 1970, cung Le Vinh Tho, Pham The My) 
Nen Huong Cho Ban Chan Trai (tho 1970, voi nhieu ban van) 
Thơ Těnh (thơ 1970) 
Ca Dao Tinh Yeu (tho 1970, voi Khac Minh) 
Luc Bat Ca (tho 1970, cung Le Vinh Tho, nhac Vinh Đien) 
Ruou Hong Đa Rot (VN: Tho 1974, 2nd editon: 1995) 
Hoi Tho Viet Nam (US: Song Thu, 1986) 
Ngo Ngac Coi Nguoi (US: Nhan, 1989) 
Đua Nhau Ve Đen Đau (US: Nhan, 1989) 
Cam On Đat Đa Tro Tho Long Ta Hat Bui Vu Vo Bam Hoai (US: Kinh, 1991)
Moi Em Len Ngua (US: Song Thu, 1994) 
Nuoi Thom Chum Ky Niem Xa (Canada: Tho, 1995) 
Co Hoa Goi Đau (US: Song, 1997)
Song Nui Cung Nguoi Thom Ngat Tho (Canada: Tho, 2002)

Contributing to, or being selected for, books or anthologies:

Van Hoc Hien Dai – Thi Ca va Thi Nhan (Cao The Dung, Saigon 1969), Van Nghe Xam (Thai Do, Saigon 1970), Nguoi cua nam 74 (Pho Thong, Saigon 1974), Hoi Tuyen Thi Ca (PTTNHDXH, France 1986), Ngon Co Kho Tren Thung Lung Mua Xuan (Canada, Lang Van 1986), Tim hieu nghe thuat tho Vietnam (Nguyen Hung Quoc, France 1988), Chan Dung tho Luan Hoan (several authors, 1991), Tim Tho Trong Tieng Noi (Do Quy Toan. US 1992), Vietnam Que Huong Toi (Le Quang Xuan, Canada 1993), Tho Viet Nam Hien Dai (Hanoi: Vietnam Writer’s Association, 1994), Tuyen Tap Luc Bat (Van Hoa, Hanoi 1994), Tho Tinh Bon Phuong (Thai Doan Hieu va Hoang Lien, Nha Xuat Ban Tre Saigon 1994), Tuyen Tap 20 Nguoi Viet Canada (Canada 1995), 20 nam Van hoc Viet nam hai ngoai (US 1995), Tho tinh Viet nam va The gioi chon loc (Nguyen Hung Truong Khai Tri suu tap, Thanh nien Publisher VN), An Anthology Of Vietnamese Poems (Huynh Sanh Thong, 1996), Luc Bat Tinh Viet Nam (Dong Nai Publisher VN), Nguyen Sa Tac Gia va Tac Pham 2 (US 1998), Tho Thai Tu Hap (US 1999), Van Hoc Mien Nam – Tho (Vo Phien, US 1999), Nha van nha tho hai ngoai (Nguyen dinh Tuyen, US 1999), and Thu Duc Goi Ta Ve (Tran Hoai Thu, US 2001).

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