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Song Thao, pseudonym of Ta Trung Son, short story writer, born in Ha-Noi (North Vietnam) in 1939. He began to write in early 1991. Song Thao' s short story Eva (Vietnamese version) was first appeared in Chan Mang Giay So 6, a collection of short stories written with a humour and simplicity of style having recently been published by Van Moi Publisher. This is the fourth book of the author, after Con Do Bong Hinh (a collection of short stories, Van Moi Publisher 1997), Dong Dua Cuoc Tinh (a collection of short stories, Ngay Nay Publisher 1996), and Bo Chon Mu Suong (Kinh Do Publisher 1993). His works were republished in many anthologies in USA and Canada: Viet Thuong Anthology 2000, Hai Muoi Nam Van Hoc Vietnam Hai Ngoai 1975-1995 (Vietnamese Pen, 1995), Hai Muoi Nguoi Viet Tai Canada (Nang Moi, 1995), and Hai Muoi Nam Van Hoc Vietnam Hai Ngoai 1975-1995 (Dai Nam 1995). Song Thao contributed to numerous established literary magazines: Van Hoc, Van, Hop Luu, The Ky 21, Song Van, Nang Moi, and Lang Van. Song Thao's fifth book 'Cuoi ngay, mot lan ngoi lai', a collection of ten short stories, will be published by Van Moi Publisher in July.


1- Bo Chon Mu Suong (story. Houston, TX: Kinh Do, 1993)
2- Dong Dua Cuoc Tinh (story. Houston, TX: Ngay Nay, 1996)
3- Con Do Bong Hinh (story. CA: Van Moi, 1997)
4- Chan Mang Giay So 6 (story. CA: Van Moi, 1999)

5- Cuoi ngay, mot lan ngoi lai (story. CA: Van Moi, 2000)
6- Ben lung nhung con chu (story. CA: Van Moi, 2003)

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