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Uyen Nicole Duong or Duong Nhu Nguyen, was born in Hoi An Quang Nam, brought up in Hue and Saigon (former capital of South Vietnam). Duong Nhu Nguyen received her B.S. in Journalism/ Communication from Southern Illinois University, J.D. from University of Houston (Texas), and LLM from Harvard Law School (Cambridge MA). She is believed to be the first Vietnamese Municipal Judge in the United States (Serving in Texas: Associate Municipal Judge, City of Houston, and Magistrate for State of Texas; honoured by the American Bar Association at "Minority Women in the Judiciary" conference -- NYC, 1992). Practicing law but she sees herself primarily as a writer, and writes in two languages: Vietnamese and English. Her pieces in Vietnamese appeared in numerous literary magazines, her English's in SongVan Magazine, and Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal. Duong Nhu Nguyen's first book, 'Mui huong que' - a collection of short stories, was published by Van Nghe Publisher in 1999. Her short story "The young woman who practiced singing" won two awards, one of which was the Stuart Miller Writing Award organised by District of Columbia Bar Association (1998). The short story "The Ghost of Ha Tay" was a finalist selection for the Columbine Award of the Moondance Film Festival 2001. Duong Nhu Nguyen also wrote articles, critiques. Her article "Gender issues in Vietnam The Vietnamese Woman: Warrior and Poet" appeared in the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, University of Washington, College of Law, March 2001.


- Mui huong que (short story collection. CA: Van Nghe Publisher, 1999)

- Gender issues in Vietnam The Vietnamese Woman: Warrior and Poet (Article. University of Washington, College of Law: Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal March 2001).

- The woman who practiced singing (short story. Songvan Magazine, 1998)

- The Ghost of Ha Tay (short story. Wordbridge Magazine, 2002)

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