The nightingale's death


Night means stillness, a rest, a peaceful joy, a rejoicement full of happiness, it is a conception, a growth, a development and also a disapperance... without trace.

Night falls a long time ago but is not really quiet. It is still noisy and sometimes a cold wind blows. He accidentally didn't sleep. He stays up and observes the stillness of the late night, the movement of everything and it seems the living beings need the night. Night is the source of existence and creation. The room he is staying has a window on the garden. There are some noises in the tree, he guesses:

A snake looking for food?

Or a baby bird that losts its nest?

Why are they wandering at night?

When cold wind is blowing outside?

The noises become louder. They are the flit of birds from branch to branch. Then he hears sweet voices:

I come to see you tonight

With my body and also my mind

Is it love?

Because we are in the same situation

Does your heart blossom into a flower?

Well! That is definitely a Nightingale. He thinks over: "I myself am a regular person, going to work at day and taking a rest at night. I don't know the meaning of life at all. On  the other hand the Nightingale stays up and sings at night. The situations are completely opposite." But why do I stay up late tonight?

I once heard you sing

Some words but not a song

I want to hear you sing a wonderful song

A farewell one.  

Why are you awfully cruel?

Do you love me or do you hate me?

Do I sing then die?

But I am going to sing you a song.

He realizes his wishes are really cruel. But he says nothing and waits for a song. Then he hears the nightingale 's voice:

                            -You must wait!

                            -What for?

                            -For a late and quiet night.

                            - Is it a Message?

                            -If you think so. I send it to you.

                            And you will send it to everybody.

It gets cold. there are some snow drops. there is no wind. space is going to become quiet. He is about to listen to the wonderful voice of a valuable bird. And he waits.

Then a sweet and pure voice fills the space, flies up to the high sky, drives down to the bottom of the sea, spreads over the the immense space, making the stars swing and eclipse. That sound leads his mind into a world full of vitalities and illusions. His mind is a bird flies higher and higher and then... stops. He hears a noise that sounds like a small thing drops on the ground. Suddenly a light flashes in his mind, he tells the Nightingale:

A compliment full of vitality for life.

A sky full of pain and sorrow

and of joy with cheers.

An ocean of violent temper and passion rising without stopping.

from Heaven and Earth.

There are no answers. He looks at the bottom of the tree. The dead body of the bird is lying there. It is the Nightingale's. he feels so sad. That is right. The Nightingale had sung a Farewell song and sent him a Message. He asks himself:"Is it fortunate or unfortunate for someone who has heard the last voice of a living being?" Then he stays up until day-break.

"You will be a Great Poet in your time

Because you heard the Farewell song

Of the Nightingale at night.

Thanks to only some of her word I've heard,

I had been able to write

Some well know poems.



Once more, some of the verses written on the third page in his book read:


Nightingale is the previous life of a poet


Even a plastic heart can fall in love

The real one transforms into a stone.


In Life! He is the creator who

changes the Flag into the Statue.

(Translated by the author)



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