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Philly Fringe to Feature

Deep Sea Theatre’s COLD FEET


Philadelphia, PA – Deep Sea Theatre presents the world premiere of Cold Feet, a new play by Kaleo Bird at The 2004 Philly Fringe Festival.  Cold Feet, based on numerous interviews with women primarily in the North Eastern states, is a fast-paced, frolicking collage of over 30 bride-to-be characters performed by Marla Burkholder, Courtney Spiker and Kaleo Bird.  There will be nine performances between Saturday 9/4 and Sunday 9/12 at the Adrienne Theatre, 2nd Stage.  The Box Office (215-413-1318) opens on August 23rd with tickets at $10 ($3 off for festival members, $2 off for students and seniors).


Based on her interviews with actual women, Bird’s characters examine the position of the contemporary bride struggling with morphing gender roles, the death of singledom, renegade bridesmaids, the deconstruction and re-construction of relationships and the great garter belt debate.  An occasional drop-in by “Maxine”, the wedding planner, reminds us that weddings are war, but with a good French manicure the strong can prevail.


When Kaleo Bird got married two years ago, she was struck by the fact that there were millions of resource books to help women plan their weddings but very few resources that delved into the emotional changes that occur during this rite of passage.  Bird asks: 


Why do women continue to marry even though divorce statistics rise alarmingly and many women are now able to support themselves financially on their own?  Do we marry for the same reasons that our mothers did? What do women expect from marriage?  How do they define being a wife?  What expectations do they have about the wedding ritual or about their relationships with their in-laws? Is monogamy a requirement for a marriage? Is a man a requirement?


For this project Kaleo Bird interviewed women in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Virginia, and New York City.  Their answers were conflicted, funny, smart and sometimes not what she expected at all.  One bride expressed her ambivalence about getting married: “If you ever express any apprehension about getting married, people around you get all serious and say ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ or ‘It’s not too late to change your mind.’ They totally miss the point. I knew that I wanted to get married after a week of dating, but when people get all quiet and concerned and say, ‘Are you having doubts?’ - I want to shake them and scream, ‘Of course I’m having doubts! What kind of an idiot makes this kind of decision without having doubts?”


Kaleo Bird founded Deep Sea Theatre in 2003 at The Philly Fringe with Beckett Slam, a raucously thought-provoking, experimental montage of vignettes based on the writings of Samuel Beckett, which played to sold-out audiences. 


Performance Summary:  

Show Title:        Cold Feet


Company:         DeepSeaTheatre

Artists:             Kaleo Bird and Marla Burkholder


Location:           The Adrienne, 2nd Stage 2030 Sansom Street,

                        Philadelphia, PA


Dates:               Sat. 9/4 @ 7pm

                        Sun. 9/5 @ 6pm

                        Mon. 9/6 @ 1pm & 7pm

                        Thurs. 9/9 @ 7pm

                        Fri. 9/10 @ 7pm

                        Sat. 9/11 @ 1pm & 7pm

                        Sun. 9/12 @ 1pm

Tickets: $10, $3 off for festival members, $2 off for students and seniors

Box Office         215-413-1318 (opens August 23rd)


                        (tickets available August 9th)





Festival Information:

The Philly Fringe will run in tandem with the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, from September 3-18, 2004. Guides, which include dates times and venues for all performances for both festivals will be available August 6th, 2004. Tickets for the Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe range from free to $20 and can be purchased online beginning August 9th at or after August 23rd by calling (215) 413-1318.


The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe were originally founded in 1997 as the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. This year we have repositioned the two programming segments of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival as two separate, distinct, concurrent festivals. The Live Arts Festival features selected cutting-edge, boundary-breaking performing arts events, created by some of the most renowned contemporary arts events, created by some of the most renowned contemporary artists from our region and around the world. The Philly Fringe – which provides opportunities for any artist, independent of a selection process, to self-produce their work – represents the true international “Fringe” movement.


Cold Feet

By Kaleo Bird


Tu Huynh




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