Aidan Andrew Dun

Aidan Andrew Dun


AIDAN ANDREW DUN, British poet, born in London, raised for ten (in)formative years in the West Indies. He lives now on Parliament Hill in North London. His two epic poems were published in the United Kingdom by Goldmark (Vale Royal, 1995, Universal, 2002). The first earned praise from Derek Walcott, who said 'Vale Royal moves with the ease and the clarity of a fresh spring over ancient stones, making its myths casual, even colloquial-- an impressive achievement.' The subject of Vale Royal, (composed in terza rima,) is the psychogeography of ancient Kings Cross in central London. Twenty three years all-making, Vale Royal earned Aidan Andrew Dun the title Poet of Kings Cross. Universal, in twelve cantos, has been widely reviewed. Aidan Andrew Dunís third epic is now in first draft, a fourth in preparation. His shorter poems have appeared in many British and some European journals. The London Magazine has published, as well as many shorter pieces, two medium length poems, one of which, Three Kings Passage, ran to twenty seven pages. His work is now beginning to appear via selected internet literary journals, among them The Aurora Journal, Projected Letters, Contrary, Avatar, Interpoetry, The Wissahickon, The Dogwood Journal, and The Writers Post.




- Vale Royal (United Kingdom: Goldmark, 1995)

- Universal (United Kingdom: Goldmark, 2002)

- shorter poems have appeared in many British and some European†† journals.


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