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Hoang Thi Bich Ti, pseudonym of Huynh Thi Bich Ti, short story writer. Born in 1959 in Saigon Vietnam, she fled the country in 1975 with her family to the US, where she settled. She is a member of the editorial staff of Song Van magazine established in March 1996. Most of her first published short stories appeared in the first issue of Song Van under the pseudonyms Tuong Nghi, Lac Pho, and Hoang Thi Bich Ti. Her first book of fiction "Nguoi dan ba sau tam quang cao" published by Van Moi Publisher in 1996 collected ten short stories, many based on her haunting childhood and two of which, "Chum Hoa Man", had been read on a radio broadcast (Little Saigon Radio, short-story reading programme), and "Nguoi dan ba sau tam quang cao", been translated into English. The translation version "Woman behind the billboard", first published in SongVan Magazine, smeared with typing errors which could easily be avoided by a careful typist, was republished in Wordbridge Magazine (ISSN: 1540-1723), Premier Issue, Spring 2002. The story describes a certain look at the Vietnam war, encapsulating the final picture of the country, and piecing together the fragments of the war-torn lives from which real people became the typically tragic characters: the woman who lived behind the billboard; the prostitute; the war bride; the children and the old woman in the small restaurant; their humanly unavoidable needs: eating, sleeping, love making; their physically death, and their mentally death. All were set and framed in a historic playground and background with the mentally handicapped GI having fought a war of unknown cause and the victorious team celebrating the victory. Hoang Thi Bich Ti's most recent publication is also a collection of short stories, Yellow Mama, published by Viet Publisher in early 2000. The book includes 48 poetry pieces of Tran Nghi Hoang.


1- Nguoi Dan Ba Sau Tam Quang Cao (story. CA: Van Moi Publisher, 1996).
2- Yellow Mama (fiction &poetry. CA: Viet Publisher, 2000).

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