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Chu Vuong Mien, pseudonym of Nguyen van Thuong, born in 1941 in Kien An, North Vietnam. He came to South Vietnam in 1954, joined later the South Vietnam Armed Forces, serving for four years before being invalided home. In 1984, he came to the US, under the HO status, settled in Rancho Cucamongo. He started in the literary community in 1960, contributing to Thoi Nay, Bach Khoa, Van Hoc, Van Nghe Tien Phong, and Thai Do magazines. In the overseas he contributed to Van, Van Hoc, The Ky 21, Doc Lap, Que Me, Khoi Hanh, Gio Van, Song Van, Lang Van. He is the author of several books of poetry, and was once the editor of Song magazine in Toronto, Canada.



1- Dem den hai muoi tuoi (poetry, 1964)
2- Tieng hat Viet Nam (poetry, 1965)

3- Truong ca Viet Nam (poetry, 1966)

4- Phia mat troi moc (poetry, 1968)

5- Dat nuoc Tho (poetry, 1987)

6- Van hoc dan gian (essay, 1988)

7- Tac pham, Tac gia (1988)

8- Bang huu (poetry, 1987)

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