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Dang Than, pseudonym of Dang Xuan Than, born in 1964 in North Vietnam, lecturer, writer, poet, translator, and interpreter. He teaches American and English literature at a number of universities in Hanoi since 1990, currently serves as the Training Director at the IVN Institute for Research and Support of Education Development, concurrently in charge of Dean of Futurology Studies at the I Ching Research & Development Center in Hanoi. In the field of translation, he is one of the most reliable simultaneous translators in Vietnam, simultaneously interpreting from and into Vietnamese, English (verbally and live from translation booths) and covering, at a conference or seminar or meeting, a wide range of fields: economics, culture, technology and science, literature and the arts, poetry, and more. In the field of literature, he writes in two languages: Vietnamese and English. He began the road to his literary success with his prose and verse published in the print or electronic magazines based in Vietnam, Australia, Germany, and the US: Nguoi Ha Noi, Ngay Nay, Khao Cuu Van Hoa Phuong Dong, Khoa hoc va Doi song, Nhan Dan, eVan, Song Cuu Long, Talawas, Tien Ve, Tan Hinh Thuc, Tap chi Tho, and Gio-O. Apart from published work in Vietnamese, his poems written in English or in English translation have appeared, in the US, in such anthologies of poetry: The Colors of Life, Eternal Portraits, and Who’s Who in International Poetry, which were published by Watermark Press and The International Library of Poetry; and in the UK, in such anthologies: Colours of the Heart and Labour of the Heart published by Noblehouse Publisher. Dang Than has in preparation an anthology of poetry entitled ‘Tao’s Poetry – or the Poetic Pursuit of the Truest-self’. He is living in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Typical Works:

· Prose:

- The Shock to Root

- I Bathe...

- The Language Guru

- Hanoian for 20 Years

- Teacher of Declarations

- King Nam Viet's Night

- On Prickology

- The Giaochi's Footprints

· Poetry:

- The Po-mo Human Dictionary

- Tao's Poetry - or the Poetic Pursuit of the Truest-self

  (Poetry Collection)


· Tel: 84(0)9 0322 3088
· E-mail:  

 dangthan@fpt.vn   ~  thandx@yahoo.co.uk


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