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Dang Tien


DANG TIEN, born in 1940 in Quang Nam, educated at Lycée Blaise Pascal in Đà Nẵng, Jean Jacques Rousseau in Saigon, and Saigon University’s Faculty of Letters from where he received his B.A. in Literature. He pursued higher education in 1966 in France, where he is now living and working as an Instructor of Classical Vietnamese Literature at University of Denis Diderot (Paris Seven). Dang Tien started writing at the beginning of 60’s, and had works published in the Saigon-based literary magazines Tin Sách, Văn, and Bách Khoa. In the overseas, he contributed to the magazines Diễn Đàn, Thông Luận, Đoàn Kết (Paris), Hợp Lưu, Văn, and Văn Học (USA).

He is the author or co-author of ‘Vu tru Tho’ (Vietnam). ‘Xuan Dieu’ (Hanoi), ‘The Lu’ (Hanoi), ‘Vu Ngoc Phan’ (Hanoi).   



Vu tru Tho’ (Vietnam: Giao Diem, 1972)

Xuan Dieu’ (co-authored, Hanoi: Tac Pham Moi Publishing House, 1987)

The Lu’ (co-authored, Hanoi: Hoi Nha Van Publishing House, 1991)

Vu Ngoc Phan’ (co-authored, Hanoi: Hoi Nha Van Publishing House, 1995) 

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