Dien Nghi


Dien Nghi, pseudonym of Duong Dien Nghi, born in Le Thuy, Quang Binh Province, Central Vietnam, graduated in Law from Faculty of Laws in Saigon. He is the author of six books published before 1975: Khai luan ve Tho Moi (An outline of New Poetry, 1956), Xac la rung thu (Dries leaves of Autumn Forest, poems, 1956), Khai luan van nghe quan doi (An outline of Military Artistry, 1957), Chuyen cua nang (The story of Hers poems, 1962), Rung Do Quyen va ke la (Drongo and the stranger poems, 1971), Vung troi may trang (The Whiten Sky story, 1972). Dien Nghi's articles have appeared in Saigon since 1952, in the magazines: Doi Moi, Tham My, Van Nghe Tien Phong, Phung Su, Chien Si Cong Hoa, Khoi Hanh, Sang Tao.


1- Khai luan ve Tho moi, 1956
2- Xac la rung thu, 1956

3- Khai luan van nghe quan doi, 1957

4- Chuyen cua nang, 1962

5- Rung Do Quyen va ke la, 1971

6- Vung troi may trang, 1972

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