Dinh Linh

Dinh Linh


DINH LINH was born in 1963 in Saigon, came to the US in April 1975. Starting in the literary community, he gained literary recognition with his chapbook of poems published in 1998, Drunkard Boxing, which was followed by Fake House (short-story collection -Seven Stories Press, 2000), A Small Triumph Over Lassitude (poetry -Leroy 2001), and A Glass of Water (poetry -Skanky Possum Press 2001). He is contributing editor to Xconnect, editor and co-translator of the anthologies: Night again: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam (Seven Stories Press 1996), Three Vietnamese Poets (Tinfish 2001). His articles, stories, poems, and translations have appeared in Manoa, Sulfur, Denver Quarterly, Transconnect, American Poetry Review, Kenyan Review, Xconnect The Threepenny Review, Moorabbit Review, New Observations, Northeast Corridor, Vietnam Forum, Viet Magnet, Seven Arts, Hop Luu, and Van Hoc.



1 Drunkard Boxing (1998)

2 Fake House (short story collection. Seven Stories Press, 2000)

3 A Small Triumph Over Lassitude (poetry. Leroy, 2001)

4 A Glass of Water (poetry. Skanky Possum Press, 2001)

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