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Doan Minh Hai was born on January 6, 1941 in Hai Duong, Hai Phong. After the 1954 Geneve agreement divided Vietnam into two separate parts, Communist North and Capitalist South Vietnam, he went into immigration in South Vietnam, where he setteled in Da Nang. He started writing poetry in 1958, contributing to several literay magazines and daily newspapers published in Saigon, including Pho Thong, Van Nghe Hoc Sinh, Ky Nguyen Moi, Ma Thuong, Gio Ngan Phuong, Gio Moi, Giu Thom Que Me, Doi Thoai, Truoc Mat, Khoi Hanh. Doan Minh Hai is the author or co-author of five poetry books, and founder of Cung Kho magazine. In the overseas, his poems appeared in Hop Luu magazine published in the US. He is living in Ho Chi Minh City.



1- Lua co hon (1973).
Lua dot hon soi (1974),

3- Truoc san nha (book 1 & 2, co-authored, 2000)

4-Trai tim phieu bat (2001)

5- Dai nguyen da (2002)

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