Doan Thuan

Doan Thuan


DOAN THUAN, pseudonym of Tran Van Thuan, poet and teacher, who was born in 1940 in Binh Thuan Vietnam. Graduated from Saigon University, Faculty of Letters and Faculty of Pedagogy in 1969, he ever since worked as a teacher at several high schools until recently was taking retirement. His debut collection of poems ‘Mua Bac Bien’ published in 1995 was followed by six others: ‘Loi Chieu’ (1996), ‘LaGi ngan xanh’ (1997), ‘Lua dem mua’ (1998), ‘Lua dau non’ (1999), ‘Khoang lang cua hoa’ (2001), ‘Tuong’ (2002), ‘Doi Say’ (2003). Before and after the fall of Saigon in 1975, he has contributed to several literary magazines published in Vietnam and the overseas. In the US, his works were selected by Thu An Quan for its selections ‘Tuyen tap tac gia trong va ngoai nuoc’and ‘Tuyen tap 14 tac gia mien Nam’ published in 2003 and 2004. He is living in Binh Thuan, Vietnam.



Mua Bac Bien (VN: 1995)

Loi Chieu (VN: 1996)

LaGi ngan xanh (VN: 1997)

Lua dem mua (VN: 1998)

Lua dau non (VN: 1999)

Khoang lang cua hoa (VN: 2001)

Tuong (VN: 2002)

Doi Say (VN: 2003).


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