Simon Peter Eggertsen

Simon Peter Eggertsen



SIMON PETER EGGERTSEN was born in Kansas, grew up in Utah, educated in Virginia and England. After receiving his first degree in literature and language (BYU), he attended Virginia and Queens’ College, Cambridge, to study law. His early interest in words developed into a passion for poetry and he has been writing poems at the age of seven, puns and limericks, doggerel for the most part. Trained as a lawyer, but his first line specialty is international public heath. Eggertsen has spent most of his professional years working and teaching in the area of international public health (the latter at Harvard and Boston University). He has lived or worked in over 50 countries, an experience providing him with events and imagery which have inspired most of his poems¾ he composed several pieces affectionately and vividly evoking the landscapes, natural events and facts, and customs of the countries he had worked for or lived through. His pieces have appeared or will in Dialogue, The Salt River Review, The Catholic News (Trinidad), Wordbridge and The Writers Post. He has won the Poetry Prize at the Whidbey Island Writers Conference (2008) and was recently named to the semi-finalist list for the Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry (Nimrod, 2008).

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