Ngo Da Thien


Ngo Da Thien, born in Quang Trai (Central of Vietnam).


- From 1959 to 1960: Drama Performance Group Leader in Ben Hai Demilitarized Zone at 17 Parallel in Vietnam.

- Graduated with top record the 42nd attendance from The Military Language Academy in 1961.

- Writing verses and Sonnets for Open Arms Campaigns organized by US Advisors Committee in Special Zone P.B. T. 1962-1963.

- Collaborating with US Cinematographic Advisor Team for Psywar Directorate 1964-1965 (War Reporter)

- Translating news & information from English into Vietnamese transcriptions for Dong Thanh Radio Broadcasting 1990-1991, the first Radio Station of Vietnamese Language in California.

- Membership of Dean Group in Mission College for two academic seasons 1992-1993.

[From The Silence of Yesterday published by Coi Nguon 1999; used by permission of Coi Nguon foundation of Poetry and Prose].

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