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Ngo Duc Diem, or Ngo Quoc Si (pen name), was born in 1942 in Ha Tinh, Central Vietnam. Graduated from the School of Pedagogy in philosophy major in 1963 and received his BA in Philosophy from Dalat University in 1964, he taught philosophy and literature at the schools: Vo Tanh, Le Quy Don, Thanh Tam, Hung Dao, Dang Khoa, Giu Se, Van Hoa, and Lam Bich Seminary in Nhatrang. In the period from 1972 to 1975 he chaired the Teacher Association in Khanh Hoa Province. Resettled in the US, he became the Executive Director of the Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation (VIVO), a foundation has served Viet refugees in San Jose and Stockton CA since 1984. "Den Em Nu Hong/ A rose bud for you" is his first poetry collection published in 1983. It was followed by three others: "Tam Khuc Luu Vong/ A Heart Song in Exile" published in 1994, "Do Trang/ The boat of poetry in the moonlight" in 1999, and "Hoa Co May" in 2002. Ngo Duc Diem is the editor of Ngay Ve/The Day of Return magazine (1983-1986), and is a staff writer of the magazines: Dien Dan Thanh Nien/Youth Forum, Nguoi Viet To Do/ Free Vietnamese, and Quan Diem/View Point.



1- Den Em Nu Hong/ A rose bud for you, poetry, 1983

2- Tam Khuc Luu Vong/ A Heart Song in Exile, poetry, 1994

3- Do Trang/ The boat of poetry in the moonlight, poetry, 1999


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