Ngo The Vinh

Ngo The Vinh


NGO THE VINH, born in 1941 in Thanh Hoa, doctor and writer, member of the editorial staff and the editor-in-chief of Tinh-Thuong magazine, a monthly published by students of the School of Medicine (Saigon University), former 81st Airborne Ranger M.D. during the Vietnam War serving three years’ imprisonment in re-education camps after 1975. After released, he worked as a Physiatrist at Saigon Rehabilitation Centre and the School of Physiotherapy in Saigon. His novel Vong Dai Xanh (The Green Belt), published in 1970, won the 1971 National Prize for Literature. Vong Dai Xanh 2nd edition was published in 1987 (California: Van Nghe, 1987). After Gio Mua published in 1965, Bong Dem 1964, and May Bao 1963, Vong Dai Xanh is the fourth book of the author published before 1975, after several requests for permission to publish met refusal from the censorship Bureau in Saigon. The interval between the authority refusing the existence of a literary work and the literary community recognizing the worth of a literary work’s existence was just a matter of few months. The National Prize winner, however, shortly after receiving the prize was summoned to the court of Law in connection with his short work ‘Mat tran o Saigon’ published in the journal Trinh Bay Issue 34, December 1971. The work was considered to disturb social order and ‘undermine the discipline and fighting spirit of the army’. Twenty-five years later, ‘Mat tran o Saigon’ was collected to be published in the US by Van Nghe Publisher in 1996, in a collection that bore the same title. ‘Mat tran o Saigon’ is a collection of 12 short stories, half of which was written before 1975 in Vietnam, the other half written abroad after 1975, and of which the best-known is the short story ‘Mat tran o Saigon’. His most recent books are Cuu Long Can Giong Bien Dong Day Song (also published by Van Nghe Publisher. California: 2000), The Green Belt, a translation version of Vong Dai Xanh translated by Nha Trang and William L. Pensinger (Raleigh, NC: Ivy House Publishing Group, 2004), and ‘The Battle of Saigon’, translation version of ‘Mat tran o Saigon’ published by Xlibris.

Coming to the US in 1983, he is now living in California, and is a board certified internist, an Attending physician, and an Assistant clinical professor at University of California-Irvine, College of Medicine.




1- Mây Bão  (VN: Song Ma,1963; US: Van Nghe,1993)
Bóng Đêm  (1964)

3- Gió Mùa  (1965)

4- Vòng Đai Xanh ([1970, 1996)

5- Mat Tran o Saigon (1996)

6- Cửu Long Cạn Dòng Biển Đông Dậy Sóng  (Van Nghe, 2000, 2001)

7- The Green Belt (Ivy House P.G. 2004)

8- The Battle of Saigon (Xlibris, 2005)


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