Nguyen Khai


 Nguyen Khai, pseudonym of Buu Khai, artist, born in Hue in 1940, graduated from the National School of Fine Art in 1963, won the Bronze medal at a Spring Art Exhibition in Saigon even before his graduation. One of the founders of the Young Vietnamese Artists Association -- an active and well-known artist group -- in the early 60's, Nguyen Khai committed himself to painting and found it his only way to probe the depth of reality, his inner state, and to pursue the marvellous. While still in his twenties, he became one of the most famous artists in Vietnam. The fall of the South Vietnam forced him to flee his country in 1981, and settled in the American State of California. The painter resumed his painting, and exhibited regularly since then. During the period from 1993 to 1996 he created a new series of paintings on the theme of mankind and computer, which is designed to show the effects of technology and its growing complexity on human life. "My new set of painting set forth this idea of computer corrupting the individualistic spiritual growth. These painting show the corrosive influence of computers in our everyday life, yet they also show the beauty of the human mind; it is creations and innovations. They are in a sense, a reminder to mankind that we created computers and not vice versa. We control our lives with a strong immaterial power that no computer can ever replace. The pieces Mother Earth, Lights, Eve Of the 21 Century, Pollution, Salvation, and Spiritual Silence will lead the way to free people from the influence if science and back to the inner spiritual development. -- Nguyen Khai."
Nguyen Khai has been the cover designer of SongVan magazine (ISSN: 1089-8123) since its establishment in early 1996.


2001 Old Courthouse Museum, CA.

2000 -- Tustin Renaissance Gallery (May 2 - June 24, 2000)
1999 -- La Artcore Center at Union Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, California.
1998 -- Citress Gallery, Pomona, CA.
1997 -- "20 years of Vietnamese Art in America"
1997 -- "Salt & Pepper", Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery, San Jose.
1996 -- Pacific Asian Museum, Pasadena, California.
1995-96 -- Tustin Renaissance Gallery, California.
1995 -- Smithsonian Institute Travelling Exhibition Washington DC. Touring 12 Museum 1995-1998.
1996 -- "An Ocean Apart", San Jose Museum 96. Laguna Museum in Laguna Beach, CA 1997.
1995 -- Ryals Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida.
1994 -- Mankind & Computer, Vietworld Magazine, Westminster, California.
1993 -- Cypress College Fine Art Gallery.
1992 -- "East & West", Wignall Museum/Gallery, CA.
1991-92 -- Century Art Gallery, Westminster, California.
1989-90 -- Studio Art Gallery, Burbank, California.
1987 -- UCLA Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California.
1985 -- OCC Art Gallery, Costa Mesa, California.
1983-84 -- Kasden's Gallery, Torrance, California.
1982 -- UC Irvine Art Gallery, Irvine, California.
1969 -- The Sao Paulo Biennial.
1969 -- The New Dehli Biennial.
1967 -- The Sao Paulo Biennial.
1966 -- The Tokyo Biennial.
1965 -- The Paris Biennial.
1964 -- The Tunis Biennial.
1963 -- Catinat Gallery, Saigon Vietnam.

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