Pham Nguyen Luong


Pham Nguyen Luong, poet, short story writer and doctor, born on 11-20-1942 in Hung Yen, North Vietnam. The 1954 Geneva Accords led to his family's leaving Hai Phong for South Vietnam. He finally settled in Saigon, graduated as a doctor from the University of Saigon in 1971, and joined the army in 1972. Pham NguyenLuong's The Lucky Compulsive Gambler, a short story dealing with gambling and its tragic result, first appeared in The Ky 21 magazine, the English version in SongVan magazine in 1998. Both versions were republished in his collection of short stories Nguoi Hang Xom Moi/ The New Neighbors published in the same year by Xuan Thu Publisher. This is the author's third book after "Nguoi Viet-Nam Nho Ve Nguon Goc Viet-Nam"; "Anh Hung Va Giai Nhan Viet-Nam" published by Nguon Song (1995). The New Neighbors was followed by the novel Nang Saigon Nang Hoa-Ky, published by Dai Nam Publisher in 1999.


Nang Saigon Nang Hoa-Ky, 1999.
Nguoi Hang Xom Moi, 1998.
Anh Hung Va Giai Nhan Viet-Nam, 1995
Nguoi Viet-Nam Nho Ve Nguon Goc Viet-Nam, 1995.

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