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Song Vinh, pseydonym of Ngo Gia Thanh, born in Saigon (Vietnam) in 1955. Song Vinh left Vietnam in 1975, after finished his first year at Saigon University, to the US where he settled in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is on the executive board of the electronic magazine Van Nghe Ngan Phuong, and is the author of Ve Duoi Hien Xua, a poetry collection that made his literary debut, published by Van Tuyen in 1999. In 2004, he published another collection of poems Huong Mua. The collection collects more than 100 selected poems, with prologues by Nguyen Dong Giang, Thai Thuy Vi, Thao Nguyen, and Luan Hoan; some poems are set to music by Phan Ni Tan (ND), Pham Anh Dung, and Mai Duc Vinh. Song Vinh's poems and stories have appeared in numerous magazines published in the US.


1- Ve Duoi Hien xua a collection of poems, 136p.

[US: Van Tuyen, 1999].

2- Huong Mua poetry collection (US, 2004)


Song Vinh

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