Thanh Thanh


Thanh Thanh, pseudonym of Le Xuan Nhuan; poet, short-story writer, playwright, literary critic, satirist, stage director, translator, editor, publisher, teacher, war correspondent, and broadcasting manager; born in Hue City Vietnam, in 1930. His other pseudonyms are: Kieu-Ngoc for prose, Nguyet-Cam for dramas, Nguoi Tho for essays, Tu Ngong for satires. He leads the "Xay Dung" literary group and publishing house, which, owing to the numerous books it had published, was recognized as a main branch of the Vietnamese Cultural Tree at the unique pre-1975 National Cultural Festival in Saigon in the late '50s. His first poems and short stories appeared in the Hanoi-based magazines ‘Truyen Ba’ and ‘Tieu Thuyet Thu Bay’ as early as in 1943. Among this his published works before 1975 were: Anh Troi Mai (poetry, 1949; 2nd edition, 1950; 3rd edition, 1951), Kiem Xuan Thu (poetry, 1951), Nhac Ngay Xanh (poetry, 1952) La Thu Roi, Tuan Trang Mat (poetry, 1960), Voi Thuong De (poetry, 1964), Ho Quy Ly (verse play, 1950), Quan Ben Song (verse play, 1953), Thang Con Trai (play, 1950), Guom Chinh Nghia (verse play, 1955), and Ray Rut (short story, 1965). In the United States, he has published "Con Ac Mong” (The Nightmare, poems he composed while imprisoned by the communists for more than 12 years. [Texas: The-Gioi Moi, 1998]); "Canh Sat Hoa, Quoc-Sach Yeu-Tu cua Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa" (The Police Plan, an aborted national policy of the Republic of Vietnam. [California: Xay-Dung, 2002]), "Ve Vung Chien Tuyen” (Back to the Front Line. [California: Van Nghe, 1996]). He began to write poetry in English after his resettlement in the States in 1992 and has had his pieces published in several nationwide anthologies, such as: “Best Poems” and “Outstanding Poets” (of the ‘90s and every year since 1994) and “Our 100 Most Famous Poets, the Brief Chronicles of Our Time” (2004) by the International Society of Poets; “Who’s Who in New Poets“ (1996) by Who’s Who Society; “New Millennium Poetry” (2002) by the Famous Poets Society. Thanh-Thanh is a member of P.E.N. International (through PEN Center USA) and a lifetime member of the International Society of Poets.


After 1975 in the US:

1- "Ve Vung Chien-Tuyen (memoirs, Van Nghe 1996)

2- "Con Ac Mong” (The Nightmare.Texas: The-Gioi Moi, 1998)
"Canh-Sat-Hoa, Quoc-Sach Yeu-Tu cua Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa  (memoirs,    Xay-Dung 2002).


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