Tran Gia Nam


Tran Gia Nam, pseudonym of Le-Ngoc-Chau, poet and short story writer, author of 17 collections of poems published under the pseudonym Luan-Hoan.

Luan Hoan's recent collection of poems Co Hoa Goi Dau was published by SongVan in 1997, after Nuoi Thom Chum Ky Niem Xanh (Tho Canada 1995), Moi Em Len Ngua (Song Thu USA 1994), Cam On Dat Da Tro Tho (Kinh Do USA 1991), Dua Nhau Ve Den Dau (Song Thu USA 1989), Ngo Ngac Coi Nguoi (Nhan Van USA 1989), Hoi Tho VietNam (Song Thu USA 1986), Ruou Hong Da Rot (Tho 1974), Luc Bat Ca (Tho 1970), Ca Dao Tinh Yeu (Tho 1970), Tho Tinh (Tho 1970), Nen Huong Cho Ban Chan Trai (Tho 1970), Hoa Binh Oi, Hay Den (Tho 1970), Vien Dan Cho Nguoi Yeu Dau (Tho 1969), Chet Trong Long Nguoi (Nguong Cua 1967), Troi Song (Van Hoc 1966), and Ve Troi (Van Hoc 1964).

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1- Co hoa goi dau, 1999.
2- Nuoi thom chum ky niem xanh, 1995.
3- Moi em len ngua, 1994.
4- Cam on dat da tro tho, 1991.
5- Dua nhau ve den dau 1989.
6- Ngo ngac coi nguoi 1989.
7- Hoi tho Vietnam, 1986
8- Ruou hong da rot, 1974
9- Luc bat ca, 1970
10- Ca dao tinh yeu, 1970
11- Tho tinh, 1970
12- Nen huong cho ban chan trai, 1970
13- Hoa binh oi hay den, 1970
14- Vien dan cho nguoi yeu day 1969
15- Chet trong long nguoi, 1967.
16- Troi song, 1966
17- Ve troi, 1964.

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