Tran Hoai Thu


Tran Hoai Thu was born in 1942 in Dalat, evacuated from this city in the highlands following the war, and grew up in Nhatrang and Hue in central Vietnam. He was educated at Quoc Hoc Hue, Hue University, and Saigon University. Having been mobilized he served in the army in Binh Dinh for four and a half years as a platoon leader, later as a war journalist. After the fall of Saigon in 1975 he was arrested, and sent to a hard labour camp. Released after four years of imprisonment he worked as an ice-cream peddler, and afterwards fled the country by boat, resettling in the US in 1980. Most of Tran Hoai Thu' s writings have particularly been concerned with the sufferings caused by the Vietnam war. He is celebrated for 8 collections of short stories, and 1 collection of poems. His most recent book Mac Niem Chien Tranh, a collection of short stories, was published in 1999, after Tho Tran Hoai Thu ( a collection of poems in 1998), Ve Huong Mat Troi Lan (1998), Ban Me Thuot Ngay Dau Ngay Cuoi (1997), Ra Bien Goi Tham (1995), Mot Noi Nao De Nho ( Con Duong Publisher, 1974), Ngon Co Ngam Ngui (Y Thuc Publisher, 1972), Nhung Vi Sao Vinh Biet (Y Thuc Publisher, 1971), and Noi Bo Vo Cua Bay Ngua Hoang (Y Thuc Publisher, 1970). Tran Hoai Thu' s short stories and poems have appeared in many journals, and magazines.


Mac Niem Chien Tranh, 1999.
Tho Tran Hoai Thu, 1998.
Ve Huong Mat Troi Lan, 1998.
Ban Me Thuot Ngay Dau Ngay Cuoi, 1997.
Ra Bien Goi Tham, 1995.
Mot Noi Nao De Nho, 1974.
Ngon Co Ngam Ngui, 1972.
Nhung Vi Sao Vinh Biet, 1971.
Noi Bo Vo Cua Bay Ngua Hoang 1970.

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