Tran Yen Thao

Tran Yen Thao


TRAN YEN THAO, pseudonym of Tran Ngoc Minh, poet, writer and translator, who was born in 1940 Binh Thuan (Phan-thiet, Central Vietnam). Before and after 1975 when South Vietnam collapsed, he has contributed to several literary magazines published in Vietnam. His debut short story collection ‘Mac Can’ was published in 1970 by Tu Thuc Publisher in Saigon, which was followed by ‘Hat tu tho Tran Yen Thao’ (collection of poems set into music by musicians Tran Van Bui, Viet Chung and Nguyen Tung published by Hanh Dong in 1971), ‘Qua tang nguoi xua’ (collection of poems published by Tre Publisher in 1998), and ‘Rung nguyen so’ (collection of poems published by Tre Publisher in 1999). Besides, his works have been selected for several anthologies, including ‘Luc Bat Tinh’ (which includes 501 authors, published by Dong Nai in 1997), ‘Sac Huong Hoa But’ (several authors, published by Van Nghe in 2001), ‘Tuyen tap 7 Tac-gia trong va ngoai nuoc’(US: Thu An Quan, 2004), and ‘Ben troi’ (US: Thu An Quan, 2004). In the field of translation, he translated into Vietnamese ‘Nhung kiet-nhan cua nen van-minh co-dai Trung-Quoc’ (co-translated from Chinese with Lam Hong Lan; VN: Nha Van-Hoa Thong-Tin, 2001). Tran Yen Thao’s another book of translation ‘17 The-ky lich-su cua con duong to lua’ is now going to press. The book which is due to reach the market this year will soon be released in the next few months. He is living in Binh Thuan, Vietnam.



1 Mac Can’ (Saigon: Tu Thuc, 1970)

2 Hat tu tho Tran Yen Thao’ (Saigon: Hanh Dong, 1971)

3 Qua tang nguoi xua’ (Saigon: Tre Publisher, 1998),

4 Rung nguyen so’ (Saigon: Tre Publisher, 1999).

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