Trinh Cung


 Trinh Cung born 1938 in Nhatrang, Viet Nam.

Solo Gallery Shows:


1995 -- Vietnam House Gallery, 23 Cardinal Lemoine, Paris
1997 -- VAALA Gallery, Garden Grove, California
1997 -- YFU International Center, Washington D.C.

Permanent Exhibitions:


1990 -- Plum Blossom Gallery, Hong Kong

1991 -- La Vong Gallery, Hong Kong


International Exhibitions:


1962 -- The 1st International Fine Arts Exhibition in Saigon

1963 -- Biennial de Paris

1964 -- Biennial de Tunis



1962 -- Honor Certificate of the 1st International Fine Arts Exhibition, Vietnam.

1963 -- Bronze Medal of the Spring Paintings, National Exhibition, Vietnam.

1964 -- Silver Medal of the Spring Paintings, National Exhibition, Vietnam.


1990 -- Uncorked Soul, Vietnamese Arts Contemporary, published in Hong Kong.

1991 -- Fine Contemporary Vietnamese Art, published in Hong Kong.

1994 -- 100 Years of Vietnamese Fine Arts Contemporary, published in Singapore.

1996 -- 100 Vietnamese Artists of 20th Century, published in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1996 -- Vietnamese Paintings contemporary, published in Hanoi Vietnam.

1997 -- Southeast Asian Art, published in Singapore

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