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Hoang Ngoc Huong, and TU HOA, pseudonyms of Huynh Thi Ngoc-Huong, born in 1953 in Nha-Trang (Central of Vietnam), educated at Saigon University (Faculty of Letter). Resettled in the US in 1975 after the fall of South Vietnam, she continued her education at Florida International University in Miami Florida, from where she graduated in 1979 (BA of Philosophy). Started composing poetry in her early age, she kept no poem for publication. After her marriage in 19.., she devoted most of her time to study Buddhism under herself. In 2002, Tu Hoa summarized and arranged the 39th Volume Nhap Phap Gioi (Gandavyuha), the longest one in the Hoa-Nghiem 40-volumed Series (Avatamsaka) into poetry, published the book entitled ‘Nhap Phap Gioi Luoc Giai’, and had more than 1000 copies given away into the Buddhist circles in the US, and around the world. Along with the copies of the book, the copies of the audio book Nhap Phap Gioi Luoc Giai, a series of five CD, in which six famous Vietnamese singers inland performed reading the poetry, were also given away to Buddhists and public readers. Tu Hoa’s another audio book of poetry Bat Nha Ca, which is also on CD, is published in 2004. 


1- Nhap Phap gioi luoc giai (US:2002)
2- ‘Nhap Phap gioi Luoc giai’  (audio book - US:2002)

3- ‘Bat Nha ca’ (audio book of poetry – US:2004)

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