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Tu Huynh, was born the son of an officer in the Southern military force in 1970 in Vietnam. His father, who participated in the 1966 Central Vietnam uprising, died in 1971 when he was two years old. In 1975, one day before the fall of Saigon on April 30 ending the war of attrition and the corruptible, inefficient systems of military government his father protested, he left a collapsed South Vietnam. A Chinook piloted by his uncle picked up him and his family from the centre of the capital at 4:AM for nowhere but the ocean with no certainty of a safe destination. But ships seemed to be waiting. Afterwards, he came to the US, where he settled. Tu Huynh wrote poems and painted in his early age. Graduated from University of Florida in Fine Art with Honours in 1995, he painted regularly ever since. He first exhibited in 1994 in Focus Gallery, The University of Florida - Gainesville, FL. From 2000 to 2003, he was working as an Assistant Curator and Exhibitions Developer at The African American Museum in Philadelphia, assisted in the design, development, research and installation of several exhibitions at AAMP including: Nurturing Spirits: A Survey of the Art of Albert Chong; Freedom Without Concession; Lest We Forget: Glorious Legacies of Our African Past; Dolls To Remember; Philly Sound; and Affirmations-Objects and Movements. From 2003 to present, as a Program Coordinator at the Office of the City Representative, Arts and Culture–Philadelphia, he coordinated four municipal visual arts programs at Philadelphia’s City Hall: Art In City Hall, The Student Exhibition (in collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia), The National Arts Program, and the Special Exhibition; worked with the Art In City Hall Advisory Council and its committees to develop exhibitions, explore long range and financial planning, and organize special events and receptions; and with the Office to implement Public Relations strategies and community outreach initiatives as required for each exhibition. His first poem ‘A painter’s Crossing’ appeared in Songvan magazine in 1999. 



1999 -- Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC.
2000 -- Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC. (Group Exhibition).

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