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Vo Dinh, pseudonym of Vo Dinh Mai, painter, writer, and translator, born in 1933 in Hue (Central of Vietnam), educated there and in Paris during the 50ís. Vo Dinh is a man of broad cultural interests, and is author of several works in different categories, including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. His main books published by Van Nghe Publisher are: Xu Sam Set (US: Van Nghe, 1987), Yoga can ban (US: Van Nghe, 1989), Doa Sen va Nu Cuoi (US: Van Nghe, 1990), Sao Co Tieng Song (1991). Vo Dinh achieved fame as a painter for his paintings having been showcased in Vietnam and abroad. As a translator, he translated into English a number of literary works by Vietnamese author living in the US. Taking part in War and Exile published by Vietnamese Pen East Coast USA in 1989, he translated nearly all of the short stories in this anthology. His work and bio were anthologized or recorded in Nhan vat Viet Nam (1974), Tho Van VN hai ngoai(1985), Who's in American Art, Contemporary Authors, Printworld, The New York, Art Review...



40 books in different categories, including:

1- Xu Sam Set (US: Van Nghe, 1987),
2- Yoga can ban (US: Van Nghe, 1989),

3- Doa Sen va Nu Cuoi (US: Van Nghe, 1990),

4- Sao Co Tieng Song (1991).

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