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A.- General

              Wordbridge magazine is published in association with The Writers Post, an electronic magazine at http:// www.thewriterspost.net. (ISSN: 1527-5469). Both magazines are edited, published by the same editor, publisher. The Wordbridge publishes selected literary pieces in a variety of genres: fiction (short stories, excerpts from unpublished novel), poetry (rhymed poems, free verse), translations, reviews, literay critiques, and essays on literature and art. Submissions are considered on their own merits, and no author's publishing background is particularly advantageous to the work. Please note that literature of escape, narrative poems, pattern poetry, and genre fiction may not fit the Wordbridge; any essay, review containing libel, invasion of privacy, obscenity, substantial disruption will not be accepted. Fiction length: 2,000 words minimum; 10,000 words maximum. Send disposable copy of your complete manuscript with name and address on every page to:

                        N. Saomai, Editor, Wordbridge
                                 P.O. Box 832464

                         Miami, Florida 33283 USA.
No queries. No simultaneous submissions. Reports in 4-6 weeks. Publishes ms in the next issue after acceptance.

B. - Submitting works written in English.

The work written in English submitted to Wordbridge magazine is an unpublished literary material on which the sender owns the copyright. Submission must be sent by conventional mail, in the form of a 3'1/2 floppy disk, in document format, accompanied by the printout, and a short cover letter with a brief bio and publications list (if applicable). On every page of the printout, in the upper right corner, please write: Submit to the Wordbridge, and sign the author's real name. No reprint submissions. As always, translations and poems will not be edited. The author should check the work for typos and grammatical errors before submitting.

C. - Submitting Vietnamese Literature Translations

The translation submitted to Wordbridge magazine is an unpublished work copyrighted by the sender. If the sender is the author of the original but not the translator, the permission(s) of the copyright-holder(s) must be enclosed.(A note on copyright: the translator owns the copyright of the translation, not the author). Translations will not be edited. The author/ translator must check the translation for typos errors before submitting. In case errors appear in the current issue, the Wordbridge, if requested, will make corrections in the following issue. The translator should bear in mind that unauthorized translations violate the copyright law. Translation submissions should be accompanied by a copy of the original work.

D. – Payment / Terms:

Pays $50 for fiction (short story, article, essay, review etc...) originally written in English to buy first right with right to republish in The Writers Post. For poetry pays 2 contributor’s copies on publication. On the work(s) published in Wordbridge magazine and The Writers Post the author/ translator owns the copyright. When the author/ translator sells his/ her work(s) to a publisher or an anthologist for reprint publication the Wordbridge should be acknowledged as the magazine that first published the work(s).

E. - Contact

N. Saomai, Editor, Wordbrige
PO. Box 832464 Miami, Florida 33283 USA
Phone: (area code 305) 273-8789
or E-mail at: songvan@msn.com


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