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JAN 2003















An open-hearted message

from New York 9/11

addressing to mankind


††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††(Translated by the author)





Ladies and gentlemen!

Have you seen anything in this life from the whereabout?

Everywhere as throughout!

Around the worldwide regions

On the mainland of the five continents

On this planet of Earth

Where weíve been mature for

two millennnia of age of the Globe


Two milllennia

From the Chirst child coming into the World

Two millenia like such

Thereíre too many stories to be noted

Thereíre too many pains and glories

Two millenia every doorís been wide open

menís eyesight can see through the Universe

menís cleverness can localize every star

menís feet can take a walk in space so far

The immense surface of the Earth can minified in pan

From the very faraway of the immense mainlands

The words of whispering

Exchange for inmost feelings

making trysts and recommendations

The Earthís plenty of signals of affections


Two millenia

plenty of extraordinary stories

men can reach the Moon, the Planet of Mars

Subjugate the space

measure to the bottom of the Seas

calculate every inch of the surface of oceans

mirror the seadepth throughout the bottom

However, the ď Manís HeartĒ

canít be fathomed for ever






Witchcraft, Machiavellism

on behalf of every sgnboard

sharpened the points of their aroused arrows†††

Deeply whirling hostility and harted with proud

then shooting them into mankindís heart


Two millenia for

manís great

manís mean-minded

On the way to the itinerary of cleverness

The wide field of visioníd be open

And perspectiveíd be accurate for a target in the future

As well as backwarding to the past for reminiscence

The past full with un happiness

Galileo was dead because of blind prejudice

Jesus Christ was crucified for expiate sin

Slaughter houses for millions of jews that were burned in

Mankindís due to call one another as thirsty for peace

They smelt powder all century long

The World 1st ended

The World 2nd was on

Korean war

The Vietnam war

Nationalist vs Communist Warís set

Devilís Ideology was collapsed

Sovietique, Eastern European and Mogolian

escaped from woes and tribulations


At the front of the threshold dawn of the 21st Century

The world Ďs stunned by the bad news of New York

The mankind became bewildered to be taken aback

About crazy fire quenchless flames

Mankindís civilizationís collasped after some minutes to blame

Devils of human beingíre laughing on corpes and remains

As theyíre from the same red blood, skins & bones


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Whatís a violent anger scream

Gushing the venom into the poetry?

the lyrical vibrationís broad with expectancies

From the pulse of the heart as source

Of affections and humanitarians

From honest words :

Trustworthiness for thousands of generations

My heart is outspread

With the call of my fondness

May the Sunshine

enlighten manís light blosom.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SONG NHI



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†††††††† Volume 5- Issue 1- January 2003


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