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    Enter the city by Tran Gia Nam (Click on title)

Tran Gia Nam, pseudonym of Le-Ngoc-Chau, poet and short story writer, author of 17 collections of poems published under the pseudonym Luan-Hoan (see below). His first collection was published in 1964.

    Thanks, happy deathby N. Saomai (Click on title)

N.Saomai, born in 1940, started his writing in the early sixties, completed four novels which remained unpublished during the Vietnam war. Can Nha, a novel having got past the military government's censors of the press, been ready to be published in 1974, was published in 1997.

    Weigh anchor to run by Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac (Click on title)

Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac is the author of three collections of short stories: Long Lanh Hat Bui ( Van Nghe Publisher, California), Ben Lo Ben Boi ( An Tiem Publisher), Keo Neo Ma Chay (Van Moi Publisher, California). Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac's poems, short stories, and essays appeared in numerous magazines of literature and art/ the arts published in USA, Canada, and Australia. She wrote critical essays under the pen name Moc Huong.

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   Flee, darling, into my dream by Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh (Click title)

Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh - Her most recent book is Tron Vao Giac Mo Em, a collection of poetry, published by Thanh Van Publisher (1997). This is the fourth book of the author, after O Doi Song Nay (a collection of short stories) published by Dai Nam Publisher (1989), Giot Le Xe Hai (a novel) published by Van Khoa Publisher (1991), and Cuoi Dem Dai (a collection of short stories) published by An Tiem Publisher (1993). Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh's poems have recently appeared in numerous magazines.

   The mountain by Song Ho (Click on title)

Song Ho, born in 1932, is a poet and a journalist. He began his writing career in 1952 in Hanoi (North Vietnam) and became a journalist after his resettling in 1954 in Saigon (South Vietnam), where he contributed to numerous newspapers, radio broadcast. His most recent book of poems, Da va Hoa, was published by Huong Duong Publisher (1992), after Tho Song Ho, a collection of poems, published by Khai Tri Publisher (Saigon, 1964). Hai Canh Hoa Tim, his first book of poetry, was published in 1960. Rock and Flower, an just-completed English-language version of Da va Hoa translated by Song Ho is available for publication. Publishers may contact Song Ho at (512) 280-9048.

    Year-end Blues by Dinh Cuong (Click on title)

Dinh Cuong, artist, poet and free-lance writer, professor of Fine Art at Dong Khanh College Hue in (...); he was born in Thu Dau Mot Vietnam in 1939, graduated from Hue Fine Art Shool (1963), National School of Fine Art Saigon (1964). Like other prominent artists, he joined the Young Vietnamese Artists Association, an active and well-known artist group, in the early 60's, and was the Association's general secretary in the period from 1969 to 1971. Dinh Cuong participated in many international events: Singapore (1974), Sao Paulo (1967), Tokyo (1966), Tunis (1964), Paris (1963), and International Exhibition in Saigon Vietnam (1962). His work is presented in many private collections in Canada, France, Germany, USA, and VietNam. In the field of literature, he composed poems, wrote essays on art, and contributed to numerous established journals and magazines. His poems and essays on art have appeared in many literary and art magazines, including Van Hoc Nghe Thuat, Hop Luu, Van, Van Hoc, The Ky 21...

Selected solo exhibitions:

1995 -- Datdo Gallery, McLean, Virginia.
1994 -- Metro Gallery, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia.
1991 -- Le Jardin du Boise, Montreal.
1991 -- Geogetown Art Gallery, Washington DC.

Selected group exhibitions:

1966 -- Bat Train Gallery, Towson, Maryland
1995 -- "An Ocean Apart", Ellipse Arts Center, Arlington, Virginia.
1995 -- "Vietnamese Artists: 20 years in Exile", Ryals Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida.
1992 -- Tet Art Show, Century Art Gallery, California, organized by Smithsonia Institution Traveling Exhibitions

    The colors of time by Doan Phu Tu (Click on title)

Doan Phu Tu Information on the author is not available.

    This is not the first time by Hoang Ngoc Huong (Click on title)

Hoang Ngoc Huong wrote poems at early age. Her poems remain unpublished.

    Snow by Hoang Xuan Son (Click on title)

Hoang Xuan Son was born in Thua Thien Vietnam in 1942 (it was recorded as 1947 in his birth certificate). He began writing poetry in 1962. Vien Pho, his first collection of poetry, was published in 1989 by Viet Chien Publisher. His most recent work Hue Buon Chi, a collection of poems, was published in 1993. Hoang Xuan Son's poems have appeared in numerous magazines of literature and art published in the United States and Canada.

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   Farewell music, Purification (Click title)

Pham Manh Vien -- Information on the author is not available.

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Hoang Ngoc Huong | Luan Hoan | N. Saomai
Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac | Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh
Song Ho | Tran Gia Nam | Vo Ky Dien
Pham Manh Vien | Thang Vinh


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   The old man who believed only what he saw  (Click on title)

Vo Ky Dien was born in 1941 in South Vietnam. He started his writing in 1980, contributed to numerous magazines and journals. Her most recent book is Pulau Bidong Mien Dat La, a novel, published by Xuan Thu Publisher (1992). This is the second book of the author, after Ke Dua Duong a collection of short stories published in 1986. The old man who believed only what he saw is a short story translated by Huynh Sanh Thong, published in the Lac Viet Series, No 5.

    The compass of command transferred to a friend   (Click on title)

Luan Hoan, pseudonym of Le Ngoc Chau, born in 1941, poet and short story writer, celebrated for his 17 collections of poems. His recent collection of poems was Co Hoa Goi Dau, published by SongVan in 1997, after Nuoi Thom Chum Ky Niem Xanh (Tho Canada 1995), Moi Em Len Ngua (Song Thu USA 1994), Cam On Dat Da Tro Tho (Kinh Do USA 1991), Dua Nhau Ve Den Dau ( Song Thu USA 1989), Ngo Ngac Coi Nguoi (Nhan Van USA 1989), Hoi Tho VietNam (Song Thu USA 1986), Ruou Hong Da Rot (Tho 1974), Luc Bat Ca (Tho 1970), Ca Dao Tinh Yeu (Tho 1970), Tho Tinh (Tho 1970), Nen Huong Cho Ban Chan Trai (Tho 1970), Hoa Binh Oi, Hay Den (Tho 1970), Vien Dan Cho Nguoi Yeu Dau (Tho 1969), Chet Trong Long Nguoi (Nguong Cua 1967), Troi Song (Van Hoc 1966), and Ve Troi (Van Hoc 1964).
LuanHoan's home page:

   Time by Thang Vinh (Click on title)

Thang Vinh was born the son of famous artist Nguyen Khai. His essay here posted was first published by Viet World Magazine, Vol 1 No 6. The translation version was published in SongVan magazine, issue 5.

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    The silence of yesterday

Published by Coi Nguon Foundation of Poetry and Prose, 1999 A bilingual collection of selected poems of 22 published authors - 280 pages - $18.00. Contact: Coi Nguon Foundation of Poetry and Prose c/o SONG NHI - 346 N. Tenth Street # B San Jose, CA 95112 USA. Tel: (408) 279-8919.

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