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    The battlefield by Tran Hoai Thu (Click title for story)

Tran Hoai Thu was born in 1942 in Dalat, evacuated from this city in the highlands following the war, and grew up in Nhatrang and Hue in central Vietnam. He was educated at Quoc Hoc Hue, Hue University, and Saigon University. Having been mobilized he served in the army in Binh Dinh for four and a half years as a platoon leader, later as a war journalist. After the fall of Saigon in 1975 he was arrested, and sent to a hard labour camp. Released after four years of imprisonment he worked as an ice-cream peddler, and afterwards fled the country by boat, resettling in the US in 1980. Most of Tran Hoai Thu's writings have particularly been concerned with the sufferings caused by the Vietnam war. He is celebrated for 8 collections of short stories, and 1 collection of poems. His most recent book Mac Niem Chien Tranh, a collection of short stories, was published in 1999, after Tho Tran Hoai Thu (a collection of poems in 1998), Ve Huong Mat Troi Lan (1998), Ban Me Thuot Ngay Dau Ngay Cuoi (1997), Ra Bien Goi Tham (1995), Mot Noi Nao De Nho (Con Duong Publisher, 1974), Ngon Co Ngam Ngui (Y Thuc Publisher, 1972), Nhung Vi Sao Vinh Biet (Y Thuc Publisher, 1971), and Noi Bo Vo Cua Bay Ngua Hoang (Y Thuc Publisher, 1970). Tran Hoai Thu' s short stories and poems have appeared in many journals, and magazines.

    Eva by Song Thao (Click title for story)

Song Thao - pseudonym of Ta Trung Son, short story writer, born in Ha-Noi (North Vietnam) in 1938. He began to write in early 1991. Song Thao' s short story Eva ( Vietnamese version) first appeared in Chan Mang Giay So 6, a collection of short stories written with a humour and simplicity of style having recently been published by Van Moi Publisher. Chan Mang Giay So 6 is the fourth book of the author, after Con Do Bong Hinh (a collection of short stories, Van Moi Publisher 1997), Dong Dua Cuoc Tinh (a collection of short stories, Ngay Nay Publisher 1996), and Bo Chon Mu Suong (Kinh Do Publisher 1993). His work appeared in many anthologies in the US and Canada: Tho Van Hai Ngoai Nam 2000 (Van Moi, 2000), Hai Muoi Nam Van Hoc Viet-Nam Hai Ngoai 1975-1995 (Vietnamese Pen, 1995), Hai Muoi Nguoi Viet Tai Canada (Nang Moi, 1995), and Hai Muoi Nam Van Hoc Viet-Nam Hai Ngoai 1975-1995 (Dai Nam 1995). Song Thao contributed to numerous established literary magazines: Van Hoc, Van, Hop Luu, The Ky 21, Song Van, Nang Moi, and Lang Van.

    The lucky compulsive gambler by Pham Nguyen Luong

Pham Nguyen Luong, poet, short story writer and doctor, born on 11-20-1942 in Hung Yen, North Vietnam. The 1954 Geneva Accords led to his family's leaving Hai Phong for South Vietnam. He finally settled in Saigon, graduated as a doctor from the University of Saigon in 1971, and joined the army in 1972. Pham NguyenLuong's The Lucky Compulsive Gambler, a short story dealing with gambling and its tragic result, first appeared in The Ky 21 magazine, the English version in SongVan magazine in 1998. Both versions were republished in his collection of short stories Nguoi Hang Xom Moi/ The New Neighbors published in the same year by Xuan Thu Publisher. This is the author's third book after "Nguoi Viet-Nam Nho Ve Nguon Goc Viet-Nam"; "Anh Hung Va Giai Nhan Viet-Nam" published by Nguon Song (1995). The New Neighbors was followed by the novel Nang Saigon Nang Hoa-Ky, published in 1999 by Dai Nam Publisher.

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    Volunteer by Dung Nham

Dung Nham - pseudonym of Nguyen Tuan Khanh, artist, poet, and short story writer, born in Kampuchia in 1941, known as Rung for his painting, Dung Nham/Co Dong for poetry, and Kinh Duong Vuong for short story. He had contributed to numerous literary magazines in Saigon, including Bach Khoa, Van, Van Hoc, Y Thuc, Chinh Van, Tan Van. Dung Nham/Co Dong's poems and Kinh Duong Vuong's short stories recently appeared in a number of literary periodicals: Van Hoc, Hop Luu in California, Song Van in Florida. Volunteer translated by Dung Nham and published in this issue is one of the author' s 300 poems which are to be introduced in three collections: Tho Tinh Co Dong, Nhung Bai Tho Roi, and Trai Tim Mau Hong Ngoc. Kinh Duong Vuong's Chiec Mat Na Cuoi, the first collection of short stories, was published by Van Moi Publisher in 1997. In the field of art, Rung's most recent exhibition was at La Artcore Center At Union Center For The Art. His paintings are showcased at:

  • TU DO Gallery

  • RUNG' s Studio


    To welcome you, my love -- Creation by Pham Manh Vien

Pham Manh Vien - Information on the author is not available.

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    The young woman who practiced singing by Duong Nhu Nguyen.

Duong Nhu Nguyen - information on the author is not available.

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    White summer night by Vu Thi An (Click title)

Vu Thi An - information on the author is not available.

    Alongside by Hoang Xuan Son

Hoang Xuan Son was born in Thua Thien Vietnam in 1942. He began writing poetry in 1962. Vien Pho, his first collection of poetry, was published in 1989 by Viet Chien Publisher. His most recent work Hue Buon Chi, a collection of poems, was published in 1993. Hoang Xuan Son's poems have appeared in numerous magazines of literature and art published in the United States and Canada.

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Tran Hoai Thu | Pham Nguyen Luong
Duong Nhu Nguyen
Song Thao
Dung Nham | Hoang Xuan Son
Pham Manh Vien | Vu Thi An

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   Network by Nguyen Khai

Nguyen Khai, pseudonym of Buu Khai, artist, born in Hue in 1940, graduated from the National School of Fine Art in 1963, won the Bronze medal at a Spring Art Exhibition in Saigon even before his graduation. One of the founders of the Young Vietnamese Artists Association -- an active and well-known artist group -- in the early 60's, Nguyen Khai committed himself to painting and found it his only way to probe the depth of reality, his inner state, and to pursue the marvellous. While still in his twenties, he became one of the most famous artists in Vietnam. The fall of the South Vietnam forced him to flee his country in 1981, and settled in the American State of California. The painter resumed his painting, and exhibited regularly since then. During the period from 1993 to 1996 he created a new series of paintings on the theme of mankind and computer, which is designed to show the effects of technology and its growing complexity on human life. "My new set of painting set forth this idea of computer corrupting the individualistic spiritual growth. These painting show the corrosive influence of computers in our everyday life, yet they also show the beauty of the human mind; it is creations and innovations. They are in a sense, a reminder to mankind that we created computers and not vice versa. We control our lives with a strong immaterial power that no computer can ever replace. The pieces Mother Earth, Lights, Eve Of the 21 Century, Pollution, Salvation, and Spiritual Silence will lead the way to free people from the influence if science and back to the inner spiritual development.-- Nguyen Khai."
Nguyen Khai has been the cover designer of SongVan magazine (ISSN: 1089-8123) since its establishment in early 1996.




2000 -- Tustin Renaissance Gallery (May 2 - June 24, 2000)
1999 -- La ArtCore Center at Union Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, California.
1998 -- Citress Gallery, Pomona, CA.
1997 -- "20 years of Vietnamese Art in America"
1997 -- "Salt & Pepper", Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery, San Jose.
1996 -- Pacific Asian Museum, Pasadena, California.
1995-96 -- Tustin Renaissance Gallery, California.
1995 -- Smithsonian Institute Travelling Exhibition Washington DC. Touring 12 Museum 1995-1998.
1996 -- "An Ocean Apart", San Jose Museum 96. Laguna Museum in Laguna Beach, CA 1997.
1995 -- Ryals Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida.
1994 -- Mankind & Computer, Vietworld Magazine, Westminster, California.
1993 -- Cypress College Fine Art Gallery.
1992 -- "East & West", Wignall Museum/Gallery, CA.
1991-92 -- Century Art Gallery, Westminster, California.
1989-90 -- Studio Art Gallery, Burbank, California.
1987 -- UCLA Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California.
1985 -- OCC Art Gallery, Costa Mesa, California.
1983-84 -- Kasden's Gallery, Torrance, California.
1982 -- UC Irvine Art Gallery, Irvine, California.
1969 -- The Sao Paulo Biennial.
1969 -- The New Dehli Biennial.
1967 -- The Sao Paulo Biennial.
1966 -- The Tokyo Biennial.
1965 -- The Paris Biennial.
1964 -- The Tunis Biennial.
1963 -- Catinat Gallery, Saigon Viet-Nam.

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This INDEX contains each story, poem and more

published in current, and previous issues.

Short Stories

Enter the city -- Tran Gia Nam
Thanks, happy death -- N. Saomai
Weigh anchor to run -- Nguyen Thi Hoang Bac
The old man who believed only what he saw -- Vo Ky Dien
The battlefield -- Tran Hoai Thu
Eva -- Song Thao
The lucky compulsive gambler -- Pham Nguyen Luong
The young woman who practiced singing -- Duong Nhu Nguyen


Flee, darling, into my dream -- Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh
The mountain -- Song Ho
Year-end Blues -- Dinh Cuong
The colors of time -- Doan Phu Tu
This is not the first time -- Hoang Thi Ngoc Huong
Snow -- Hoang Xuan Son
The compass of command transferred to a friend  -- Luan Hoan
Farewell music, Purification -- Pham Manh Vien
White summer night -- Vu Thi An
Alongside -- Hoang Xuan Son
To welcome you, my love -- Creation -- Pham Manh Vien
Volunteer -- Dung Nham

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